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The Project Reptile Advantage

Project Reptile
is a culmination of our three sites Guyco Gecko, Pedigreed Pythons and Western Hog and has been developed to bring together not only the animals we represent but other projects we are working on throughout the reptile community. There have been so many opportunities presented to us that we thought it appropriate to create one central site to explore each of them independent of the specific breeds we work with to add an extra flavor to the mix.

Here we will be bringing together commercial and independent breeders of various species, have links to special industry sites, introduce a “Hot Topics” Blog and centralize our animals on one unique stage. Like our did you know sections; Did you know that many of the Rhacodactylus species have been reclassified? Well, they have and as a result have been newly named on our Guyco Gecko website. Did you want to know how to create certain Ball Python or Western Hognose morphs? Well, you can via the links added to both our Pedigreed Pythons and Western Hog websites. We will also be delivering news and information on many of the upcoming events throughout the West like the Reptile Super Shows and others new to the Southern, CA area and be introducing our Coming Soon section for new species and breeds being added to our zoo like Knobtail Geckos, Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Uromastyx and many, many more…

We hope you enjoy the newly created Project Reptile site and will see you soon!

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