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Colubrids make up a largest group of snakes on earth and they are found on every continent except Antarctica. We carry several varieties that include Corn Snakes, Kingsnakes, Ratsnakes and our favorite, Western Hognose, a species we have specialized in for the last several year. We obtain many of our animals from breeding partners or through trades we do throughout the year and our inventory is always changing so stay tuned and if there is anything you are looking for that we don't have please let us know and we will see if we can locate it for you. For more about Colubrids of the World see below:

There are approximately 1,760 species of colubrids, and they account for about two-thirds of the world’s snakes. Most have solid and conical teeth; some have grooved teeth at the rear of the upper jaw. A few have short, erect fangs in the front half of the mouth and these produce a venom that induces paralysis in small prey animals. For most of the venomous colubrid species, a bite unaccompanied by chewing is rarely harmful to humans but in a few species with fangs, a single bite can be dangerous and possibly fatal.

Generally speaking, all Colubrids lay eggs, but some (especially the aquatic forms) are live-bearing. Colubrids occur in virtually all habitats throughout the world. This fascinating group of animals comes in all sizes from the smallest snakes in the world to varieties that exceed 10' in length they are an active and beautiful group of animals to keep and breed.


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