Genetics Info

BLITZ - the Blitz gene was discovered by Susan Hardy and is a pattern enhancer that creates a busy pattern with curls and hooks. It is a Co-Dominant gene with a super form.

BLITZKREIG (Super Blitz) - The Blitkrieg is the super form of the Blitz.

Blitz Pinstripe

Blitz Yellowbelly & Blitz Banana Yellowbelly

GLOSSY - Glossy is a pixelating gene that alters the pattern of the original gene. This is a Co-Dominate gene with a super form.

Super Glossy Butter - In this example, the Super Glossy form is an exagerated version of the single gene Glossy.

GRANITE - Granite is a Dominant gene that, to our knowledge has no super from. It is a pattern changer as it alters the pattern of the original gene and in normal wild types adds speckling. They also typically have a distinctive neck marker like a dash or a dot. Here are some examples of the Granite gene. 


Granite Pastel

Granite Mojave

Nemesis - Recently introduced to us by Nemesis reptiles this gene seems to have similar traits to a Blitz. This example is a Hypo GHI+ so we will be testing it next breeding season to see how it goes. Very interested to see if we run this to a normal, Hypo Pastel and Blitz het hypo. Stay tuned!

OLYMPUS - The Olympus gene was being studied by Susan Hardy when we took over her collection. It is a brightener and pattern reducer similar to Enchi but with simpler attributes. 

SUNKISS - The Sunkiss gene is a definite brightener and suttle pattern changer and is best used to add color and clarity like in the normal/Sunkiss example below.

Mojave Sunkiss

VERTIGO - We have just started to determine what the Vertigo gene does and will have some examples soon.